Tie Break Tens

The Match:

  • Coin Flip to decide who serves first

  • The loser chooses the end to serve from

  • First Serve – The server serves once

  • Then changes – Opponent serves twice and it alternates every two points

  • Change ends after 6 points, Winner is first to 10, clear by 2 (eg. 9-11 or 13-15)

Expand out to as many matches as you want – one match, best of three, best of 5…


What is Tie Break Tens?

Tie Break Tens is a new, quick-fire version of tennis that anyone can play. Tie Break Tens is exciting – and a great way to enjoy a lot of tennis in a short amount of time. Unlike conventional tennis matches, the Tie Break Tens format consist solely of tie-breaks – no games, no sets, just exhilarating first-to-ten point clashes in which every point counts.

How long does a Tie Break Tens match last?

Each Tie Break Tens match usually takes around 10-15 minutes – but some tie breaks last a lot longer. (The longest tie-break in history lasted 70 points.) Each Tie Break Tens tournament last three hours with a total of seven matches: quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final. At some tournaments, both a Men’s tournament and Women’s tournament are held.

How do you play a Tie Break Tens match?

Tie Break Tens follows traditional tennis rules, but there are no games or sets, just tie breaks. Each match comprises a first-to-ten-point tie break and tournaments can be run as round-robins or knockouts, singles or doubles. As in traditional tennis matches, whoever serves first only serves once. After this, the serves alternate every two points. Players change ends every six cumulative points. The tie-break winner must have a clear margin of two points e.g. 10-8, 31-11 etc.